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Summer Dresses

Considered Creations

Wardrobe Tools

Here you will find some planning tools to help you select fabric and patterns for making a garment to co-ordinate with what you have already. We want to make clothes that work hard; which blend with all the other items we have either bought or made. It's much more sustainable and, quite frankly, more cost effective to make clothes this way.  Using these tools, you will never need to worry about what to wear and whether you have anything to wear it with. A bit of forethought and some planning goes a long way.

So, please feel free to download these tools and use them.

Don't forget to share with us how you get on, and what you've made #wardrobeandrouge

Take One Item

A simple but useful tool to start your first planning project 

Take One Item

Sweaters on a Rack

What Where When Am I

Consider these questions when planning your next make. 

What Where When Am I

Patterned Fabrics

Capsule Wardrobe

The ultimate project: 5 colour co-ordinated items, multiple outfits. COMING SOON


Wardrobe audit

Find the gaps, and fill them with your loved me-made items

Wardrobe Audit

Clothing Rack

Outfit Planner

Making a whole outfit


Spring Outfit


A bit of research can tell you how much you can save by making your own garment.  COMING SOON

Trying On Vintage Clothes
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