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White Threads

Our ethos

Welcome to Robe & Rouge. Here you will be able to find everything you need to make a professional looking garment. We love fabric and finding just the right one can sometimes be a challenge. We could never find anything that looked like it was from a clothing retail store and also felt luxurious. We've done a lot of research to bring you wearable and beautiful fabrics, with pattern choices to match. 


Also close to our hearts is creating a versatile piece of clothing: what you make needs to work hard. By this I mean that it should co-ordinate with the rest of your wardrobe, so it can be worn in an endless variety of ways with what you already own. Otherwise, you just won’t wear it, or you’ll need to make or buy other items to wear with it and then that becomes unwieldy and expensive.  This also makes your clothing sustainable as you will love and wear it for a long time to come. 

Do have a look at our Seasonal colour palettes, Wardrobe tools and Lookbook, all designed to give you inspiration and recommendations for creating versatile and beautiful outfits. 

We hope you find this first step of buying fabric, pattern & notions a pleasurable experience and easy. 


Our Brand

Advocating versatility and consideration in buying and making your own wardrobe, we want you to love what you make. We offer inspirational ideas and aspirational outfit suggestions to help you curate your creations. We also stock notions to match your pattern.  We wanted you to be able to get everything you require for each garment you make in one place. 

Sustainability note

We sell many sustainable fabrics with high quality credentials. Also by making your own carefully crafted and chosen piece, your garment will become a hard-working and much loved wardrobe staple you will own for years to come. Sewing is the opposite of fast fashion. 

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