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Seasonal Colour Palettes

Here you will find lots of inspiration in matching colour palettes to make a great outfit. Choose fabrics for a blouse and skirt or if you already have a skirt at home which suits, pick a blouse pattern and buy the co-ordinating fabric. Simple. 

We launch a new palette every month. Join our mailing list to get the first look at our colours and lookbooks.

January 2022

Deep Winter. A time for staying warm. Grey days, frosty mornings. Hats, coats, gloves and layers. Dark greys and blacks with pops of cool blue or a warming creamy white. Whatever combination you choose, they will work so well together. 

Cold Day

February 2022

Pre Spring. Start to see early signs of colour in nature. Cool tones but with the hint of warmer temperatures. Moss green and khaki are perfect colours for now. Just add a lighter colour for a subtle enhancement

Green Furnitures

March 2022

Spring I.  Daffodils. And we see the sun and start to feel its warmth returning. I love the combination of warming yellows with blues. Sophisticated, cheering and chic, browse our range of fabrics which encapsulate these beautiful Spring colours. 

Fields of Gold

April 2022

Spring II. A more gentle palette this month. The colours work seamlessly together for an overall warming and lovely feel. 

Forest Grass

May 2022

Pre Summer. Nature starts growing in earnest. Warm grey and a pops of rose and blush pink. These are colours to lift your spirits.  

Morning Rituals

June 2022

Summer I. Teals, turquoise, rich blue and gold. 

Walk in nature

July 2022

Summer II 

Hot desert tones, dry winds, sandy plains populated by soft greens. Team with peachy pinks and cream to complete your outfit. 

Cactus Field

August 2022

High Summer

Kaftans, aqua seas and hot breezes


September 2022

Pre Autumn

Leaves falling, shades of brown, red, gold welcoming the start of autumn and cosier days. 

Park in the Fall

October 2022

Autumn brings in cooler colours of cobalt blue and dark navy. Make an investment piece in a neutral tone to elevate every outfit. 

Lake at Dusk
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