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The elegance of the high waist, the comfort of the elasticated back, the sophistication of the pleats and loops and the elegant and nonchalant look of a wide but worked cut, the beautiful BELEM has it all!


The pattern fits normally and is loose fitting. If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the smallest one and rely on the recommendations of the hip size first, because the elasticated back allows more ease.


Skill Level: advanced


The seam allowances are included (1 cm).


Instructions are in English



Maison Fauve Belem trousers

  • Fabric for a width of 140 cm:
    Pants version:
    150 cm from 34 to 38
    170 cm from 40 to 42
    200 cm from 44 to 52

    Short version:
    110 cm from 34 to 38
    120 cm from 40 to 42
    130 cm from 44 to 52

    - And in all sizes add 30 cm of extra fabric if your fabric has a strong directional design eg checks

    - Iron-oninterfacing

    - A fly zip of 20-22 cm

    - 2 buttons 12 mm diameter maximum

    - An elastic band 3 to 4 cm wide, length according to the gradation sizes