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An elaborate and comfortable, easy-to-adopt shirt dress, with a front marked by a set of elegant pleats and complemented by a buttoned, long gathered sleeve delicately underlined by a pleated cuff or a small shortened sleeve for the summer.


Skill Level: Advanced


The seam allowances are included (1 cm).


Instructions are in English



Maison Fauve Atlas dress or top

  • For a width of 140 cm:

    Dress: 2m20 of fabric from 34 to 42 in short-sleeve version and 2m40 in long-sleeve version, 2m60 from 44 to 52 in short-sleeve version, 3m from 44 to 52 in long-sleeve version

    Long-sleeve blouse: 1m80 from 34 to 42, 2m30 from 44 to 52

    Short-sleeve blouse: 1m60 from 34 to 42, 2m from 44 to 52

    - Iron-on interfacing

    - 4 buttons of 10/12 mm diameter